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IGKA Journey in Karate

The early years:

My Karate training started at the age of 7 years. I learned & got trained hard with high energy levels. I had strong ability to focus throughout my life.

At the start of my training all I knew was that I wanted to

  • Practice 100% of the time

  • Push my physical limits 100% of the time

  • Try my best 100% of the time

At the age of 18, I needed some extreme physical focus & so I started to train in weight lifting. This where I learned about endurance, my strength.


The time came, when I realized that I had to inculcate kata practice in my training which was like an assault course for the body, mind and spirit.

Shihan B.H.Choudhary
President & Chief Instructor IGKA.

Three minds or three conflicts:

At different times of your life these elements reprioritize themselves several times depending on your age, well being , situation or circumstances. I trained literally every day as I felt it was absolutely necessary to be taken seriously in the dojo. My mind was fully dominated with the desire to learn in depth about katas of Shotokan  style. I was very self motivated, focused & determined.

I learnt over the years intensely with extreme physical workout which gave me an air of confidence to start my own karate school during the year 1986.

I trained several karatekas over the years and established base of my karate dojo in India over the period with its basic aim of developing youngsters & children of our society.

Karate – do and its benefits:

Karate brought self discipline in a number of ways. Training in kata helped in toughening the body along with spirit.

The beginning of self discipline started with the commitment to practice on regular basis. Obeying the commands of instructor help karateka to keep his mind open & to transfer knowledge. Self discipline is developed by the karateka constantly pushing his or her physical & mental limits to the boundary. This exercise in testing the limits, strengths the spirit & the body of karateka.

By utilizing self discipline, the karateka is better able to meet challenges in life that are encountered. Discipline allows the karateka to be in control when physical contact is made.

Milestones achieved during early years :

Year 1994 earmarked success track when my students brought laurels to their country by winning medals in 7th Kubota World Cup Karate Championship. The event was held in Los Angeles USA.

The same year, transition from a domestic karate school to international karate school took place. My dojo got affiliation from International Karate Association, one of the famous, and widespread karate school headed by living Japanese karate legend Grandmaster Soke Takayuki Kubota.

Association with IKA, brought turnaround.

In the year 1994, International Gosoku-Ryu Karate-do Association (IGKA) was founded with the aim of spreading the unique, innovative & realistic style of karate i.e. GOSOKU-RYU all over India.

Today, Gosoku-Ryu is practiced and taught in 15 states of India with 3000 karatekas under the banner of IGKA moving in the same direction and goal of spreading and promoting science of Gosoku-Ryu.


Soke Takayuki Kubota:

(Soke Takayuki Kubota is founder of unique karate style Gosoku-Ryu & president of IKA, USA.
Soke Tak Kuobta holds black belt rankings in Judio, Aikido & Kendo and is  best known for his innovations of Keychain ‘ KUBOTAN’, a small self defense weapon and KUBOKIDO, a meditation system.

Master Kubota trained several karatekas all over the world and developed them to height of excellence, which performed at several world championships and left their footprints.

Under his leadership, IKA has successfully spread karate –do in western part of the world. Today Gosoku-Ryu is practiced in more than 60 countries.

To know more details about Soke Takayuki Kubota click here. soke

Gosoku-Ryu Karate:

Over the past 60 years Gosoku-Ryu style has gained wide spread public acceptance as a recognized karate style and is complete with over 40 katas unique to the style which have been developed by Grandmaster Soke Kubota.
In its literal meaning ‘Gosoku-Ryu ‘, ‘Go’ means power, ‘Soku’ means with speed, ‘Ryu’ is style, literally translated as the style of karate with great power and speed. Its unique feature that it combines power of Shotokan karate with speed of Goju Ryu makes it a very powerful style of martial art.

Gosoku-Ryu is characterized by its fast circular hand movements and fast footwork. Gosoku-Ryu defence is a flowing circular movement using both hands at the same time. Much of the footwork incorporates the switching of the position of the feet and hips, thus rotating body and harnessing the power of the entire body in the movement. Thus makes it a ‘unique’ style.

Techniques taught in Gosoku-Ryu are tested both on street and in karate movement. I am always in building one thought in my students mind that Gosoku-Ryu is a living art; it has ability to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the practitioner.
Today Gosoku-Ryu is taught in almost 15 states in India with around 3000 students practicing it seriously.
To know more details about Gosoku-Ryu click here Gosoku Ryu

International Gosoku-Ryu Karate Do Association and Gosoku-Ryu:

IGKA, is the only recognized organization of Gosoku-Ryu style in India and  Is an affiliated member of IKA Gosoku-Ryu, USA. It is also associated with ‘ All India Karate Do Federation’ AIKF  Recognized by : Govt. of India , ministery of sports & Indian olympic association as its affiliated member and in turn affiliated to World Karate Federation, which is recognized by ‘International Olympic COMMITITEE’.

In its constant efforts to promote Gosoku-Ryu, IGKA has undertaken several activities which have become regular part of its yearly calendar.
To know more details about IGKA events follow the link here IGKA events

Going forward IGKA is looking forward to spread Gosoku-Ryu to almost all states of India.

International Gosoku-Ryu Karate-Do Association

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